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Our antibacterial glass is processed by applying silver ion to the upper layers of the glass. When the bacteria contacts the glass, the silver blocks their metabolism and disrupts their cell-division mechanism and therefore destroys 99.9% of the bacteria.
The lockers can be supplied in a range of lock options including:
Electronic Combination Lock Secured using 10,000 combinations, programmable in single or variable user mode. Batteries last up to 5 years. Optional chlorine resistant lock available for pool areas. Supplied with manager override keys.
Combination Lock Simple, effective 3 digit lock, complete with managers access key.
Coin/Token Operated Key Lock Locks available in varying coin denominations or plastic tokens, ensuring keys are retained in the lock after each use. Optional wrist straps and number pins available.
Key Lock Simple and robust barrel lock, using supplied keys with master and spare keys provided. Available in dry or wet specification. Optional wrist straps and number pins available.
Hasp/Clasp Lock A robust lock to be used with a user-supplied padlock, ensuring a simple, end-user friendly locking system.



8mm back painted toughened glass, polished to all edges, with any required holes drilled prior to toughening.



Available in standard finish, can be upgraded to antibacterial finish by applying silver ion to the upper layers of the material; when it comes into contact with bacteria, the silver blocks their metabolism and/or disrupts their cell-division mechanism and in so doing, destroys them.



10 Year Warranty

UNE – EN – ISO9001:2008



FSC or PEFC accredited core with full chain of custody. Suitable for use in both BREEAM and LEED projects.



storage made hygienic

Hospitals, medical centres, doctor surgeries and specialist units, all require varying staffing levels to be able to function properly. Our range of different size lockers and configurations ensures security is maintained throughout the site, whether for personal possessions, staff uniforms, phone or laptop storage.
We have been supplying lockers and cloakroom equipment to the NHS for many years and we understand how important security and costs are to the medical sector. Thrislington lockers are designed and manufactured in the UK, conforming to BS 4680:1996 'Standard Duty' (excluding size specification) and ISO 9001:2000
Like our cubicle systems, our locker hardware can be finished in Medilac. These coatings provide an extra barrier to the spread of harmful bacteria in sensitive environments, such as hospital and healthcare facilities, medical equipment, and childcare areas.
The antibacterial powder coated finishes contain active silver ions and are specially formulated to penetrate the cell walls of unhealthy bacteria and inhibit and control their spread and growth. Surfaces coated with antibacterial powders deliver a constant and controlled release of silver ions and remain active for up to 10 years.
Unlike antibacterial sprays and chemical disinfectant which rely on repeated use Medilac contains antibacterial agents uniformly distributed throughout the coating, therefore antimicrobial efficacy will continue for the life
of the coating.



12mm compact grade laminate, polished to all edges.



Available with antibacterial coating, incorporated into the laminate during the production process.



5 Year Warranty

ISO 9001


ISO 4586-1:2004




Suitable for use in both BREEAM and LEED projects.